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West Surgical Assistant is part of Learning 4 Peace Company, located in Miami, Florida, a non-profit organization dedicated to help institutions to solve educational challenges. We offer affordable Online Examination Preparation Course for the American Board of Surgical Assistants (ABSA) Exam.

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West Surgical Assistant is a branch of Learning4Peace and we have a signed agreement with The American Board of Surgical Assistants (ABSA)

The first assistant on a surgical procedure is defined as the individual providing primary assistance to the primary (main) surgeon, during a surgical procedure. This individual CANNOT be involved in any other role or function, during the surgical procedure (i.e. first or second scrub and/or passing instruments). This individual must also be listed on the operative record as the first assistant, not as a first or second scrub!
Although descriptions may vary from institution to institution, the role of the first assistant requires active participation, during the surgical procedure. This involves providing exposure, hemostasis, tying or sewing plus other functions (excluding acting as the scrub nurse or technician) as determined by the primary surgeon, responsible for the patient and procedure.

The American Board of Surgical Assistants has instituted an approval system for formal educational programs and examination preparation and review, for surgical assistant certification, as a Surgical Assistant – Certified (SA-C). The goal of this approval system is to recognize those programs that are operating substantially in compliance with the educational standards developed by The American College of Surgeons (ACS) for this talented profession and those of the American Board of Surgical Assistants.

• After corresponding application and payment, the applicant will be provided with the area’s member credentials.
• Our courses are 100% online
• The course includes 46 sections and more than 800 questions
• During the course, our instructors will provide with the necessary academic support.
• The course length will be between 3 and 6 weeks. The applicant’s qualifications will determinate the course length.

Examination for Surgical Assistants is comprised of 200 multiple-choice questions, covering all surgical disciplines and all areas of perioperative medicine. The examination evaluates candidate knowledge of surgical anatomy, procedures and techniques, diagnostic studies, emergency situations, OSHA regulations and general patient safety. To successfully pass the examination, the candidate must score a minimum of 70% on each section.

Exam must be face to face in United Stated or under proctoring in the country of origin.
West Surgical Assistant (WSA) may extend a letter of invitation to candidate for a visa application. The granting of the visa depends on the immigration authorities of the United States of America and WSA has no influence in this regard and does not accept claims derived from this matter.

There are many variables to consider when comparing employment and salaries in the US.
According to Mayo Clinic Web Site
“Graduates of the Surgical First Assistant Program take the first step toward becoming an integral part of the surgical team. Hospitals, outpatient surgery clinics, private practice and other surgical centers are extremely interested in hiring skilled individuals to assist in surgical procedures to promote optimal patient outcomes. There are many areas of surgery that rely on quality assisting. Surgical first assistants learn skills for a variety of surgery specialties.
Advanced surgical first assistants gain respect of peers, become members of various professional organizations and create opportunities within the workforce.
Based on US salary information gathered in 2012, the overall average salary for a surgical first assistant is $62,000. The average starting salary is approximately $50,000.”
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